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How to explain Supply Chain to your kids ?

2023-07-21T10:07:36+00:00July 2023|Articles|

Even if you know the supply chain in detail, and practice it daily, it's not easy to explain it, especially when you're talking to non-initiates like your children, your parents or any other relative who has no affinity with our domain!

Case study: Design and implementation of an optimized warehouse

2022-12-01T07:40:48+00:00May 2021|Articles|

For our client, Lagardère Travel Retail, we designed from scratch, a reliable and agile warehouse ready to support their retail operations in the Geneva airport. From planning through process optimization, layout design to live operations, we designed the perfect tool and gave our client the key to an undeniable competitive advantage.

Why is the Supply Chain one of the victims of the Coronavirus?

2021-02-01T09:43:55+00:00February 2020|Articles|

To date, more than 75,000 people have been infected and 2,000 have died, but the coronavirus is spreading far beyond the current health crisis. A large number of companies are undergoing major disruptions and restrictions in their logistical organizations with serious implications for the global economy.

Supply Chain + Sustainable Development = Happy Wedding?

2023-01-10T14:07:03+00:00February 2019|Articles|

Let's look at two closely related topics, Supply Chain and Sustainable Development, to understand their interdependence and compatibility. What extensions can we make of sustainable development, an unavoidable current topic of our time, in our field of predilection: Supply Chain? An essential association? Fashionable effect? What is the future and what impact will it have on our businesses? Here are some elements of answer ...

The Supply Chain an ally in the everyday life

2022-12-03T16:07:56+00:00October 2018|Articles|

New year, new resolutions... This year, we suggest that you put aside these often unfulfilled commitments and focus on improving our daily lives! Spending as little time as possible on daily tasks is everyone's challenge in order to free up quality time and be able to devote it to activities that we consider more rewarding.

Omnichannel: the new winning formula?

2022-12-03T15:51:49+00:00September 2018|Articles|

Driven by the emergence of e-commerce, competition in the consumer goods market today is fiercer than ever. In a context where the consumer wants to be delivered faster, anywhere, anytime and by any means, omnichannel is the solution to avoid over-promising and under-delivering! But finally, what is omnichannel?

A revolution called Blockchain: the promises of digitalization

2022-12-03T15:41:30+00:00April 2018|Articles|

Investments in Blockchain technology are expected to more than double between 2017 and 2018 to reach $2.1 billion worldwide, and even increase tenfold by 2021, peaking at $9.7 billion. Assuming that these high-flying estimates are correct, it seemed appropriate for us to look more closely at a technology that intrigues by the upheavals that it bodes for the supply chain professions.

I have a Dream

2022-12-03T16:42:51+00:00November 2017|Articles|

Today is November 15, 2032. I open my eyes and face a new world. Lavoisier seems to be still relevant. Nothing has been lost, nothing has been created, but everything has been transformed. Or rather, everything has evolved.

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