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Film: Minimalism – A Documentary About the Important Things – By Matt D’avella

2023-01-11T11:27:24+00:00September 2019|Books|

Minimalism is an incredible adventure in minimalism where Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus give keys to live differently and who knows, build a new world. The documentary follows different people and life stories through questions, thoughts that make you think about how to live, and above all, how to consume. You must probably be wondering what this documentary is doing in a Supply Chain blog.

The Book: The Box – The Container Revolution by Marc Levinson

2023-01-11T11:31:58+00:00November 2018|Books|

The Box, or how the container changed the world... One could imagine it, one could suspect it. And reading these lines, one understands. We can see how a steel box has changed the life of the ordinary citizen, the basic consumer: it has brought the global economy into his home and into his lifestyle.

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