The Supply Chain an ally in the everyday life

New year, new resolutions…

This year, we suggest that you put aside these often unfulfilled commitments and focus on improving our daily lives!

Spending as little time as possible on daily tasks is everyone’s challenge in order to free up quality time and be able to devote it to activities that we consider more rewarding.

The parallel with Supply Chain becomes very easy here because its main principles are perfectly applicable to the management of our everyday life.

Let’s start with the domestic tasks that are incumbent upon us and lead us to think efficiently about our organization. For example, we are talking about family logistics, with the optimization of home-school-work-school-home-activities-home journeys to save time and energy.

There is not yet a ready-made manual for the perfect organization of the home, such as “I manage my home for Dummies”, and the simple management of the home economics can be