Today is November 15, 2032.

I open my eyes and face a new world.

Lavoisier seems to be still relevant. Nothing has been lost, nothing has been created, but everything has been transformed. Or rather, everything has evolved.

The Supply Chain has become THE major field in which companies invest to develop.

Steve Jobs, by appointing Tim Cook – his head of operations – as his successor, had understood everything long before the others did…

Amazon and Jeff Bezos as well. I still remember the half-mocking, half-dreamy smiles when we discovered the patents regularly filed by the American firm… all crazier than each other!

This enormous airship that passes over my head as I write these few words must have been one of them. It has become the indispensable tool of “flying warehouses” where robots pick up automatically packed items that are delivered by drones: food, household appliances, clothing or other items.

Moreover, all logistics operations are now automated, without exception.

Forecasting, procurement, stock management, order preparation, deliveries: robotization has revolutionized every link in the chain. Logistics centers have become huge boxes that are perfectly controlled and optimized thanks to technology, drones, robots and autonomous vehicles. Even the driving of the airship would be automated!