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Auditing your Supply Chain plays an essential role in optimizing your business operations.

By closely evaluating your logistics processes, information systems and operational practices, our logistics and supply chain audit detects inefficiencies, identifies challenges specific to your business, and proposes tailor-made recommendations to improve your overall supply chain performance.

Using our expertise and specialized tools, we analyze your flow of goods, your planning processes, your inventory and the collaboration between your supply chain partners.

This in-depth assessment gives you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to take proactive steps to optimize your operations.

Our recommendations cover a full range of solutions, such as automating processes, adopting new technologies, improving data visibility, collaborating with your suppliers and implementing key performance measures.

By following our recommendations, you can streamline your operations, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your competitiveness on the market.

Our aim is to help you achieve maximum operational efficiency, optimize your resources and ensure a strong, high-performance supply chain for the continued success of your business.


Identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks: Audits detect bottlenecks, delays, out-of-stocks, excess inventory, operational inefficiencies and quality issues that can hamper supply chain performance.

Risk assessment: The audit identifies and assesses supply chain risks, such as late deliveries, raw material shortages, regulatory compliance issues, safety concerns and potential disruptions.

Cost optimization: The audit aims to identify opportunities for cost optimization, whether by reducing transport costs, rationalizing inventory levels, improving operational efficiency or negotiating better terms with suppliers.

Improved customer satisfaction: By identifying areas that could affect customer satisfaction, such as late deliveries or quality problems, the audit enables corrective measures to be put in place to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In short, a supply chain audit is a systematic evaluation process aimed at improving the efficiency, quality, profitability and overall performance of a supply chain by identifying problems, inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. This enables a company to optimize its operations.

Why and how?


  • Identification of supply chain weaknesses
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Reduce your end-to-end lead-time
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Risk management
  • Improve competitiveness

How can we support you?

  • Assessment of your needs
  • Development of a customized audit methodology
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Process evaluation
  • Identification of improvement opportunities
  • Support and monitoring of audit implementation

Benefits of a supply chain and logistics audit


According to a Deloitte study, companies that have carried out an audit of their Supply Chain have seen an average cost reduction of 5% to 15%.

Our Supply Chain expertise enables us to analyze your processes in detail to identify significant savings opportunities.

We offer tailor-made solutions to optimize your transport flows, reduce your inventory levels, improve your warehouse management and select more profitable suppliers.

What’s more, we’re skilled at negotiating contracts to secure the best terms for you.

Improve customer satisfaction

According to a survey by PwC, companies that have improved their supply chain performance have seen a 20% to 30% increase in customer satisfaction.

We can help here too.

We assess your supply chain processes to identify weak points that may be affecting customer satisfaction.

We support you in implementing measures to improve management of late deliveries, reduce order errors and strengthen communication with your customers.

Using monitoring tools and performance indicators, we help you measure customer satisfaction and make any necessary adjustments.

Increase profitability

A study conducted by Accenture revealed that companies who implemented improvements based on the results of a logistics and supply chain audit experienced a 20% to 50% increase in profitability.

With our expertise in operations optimization, we analyze your processes and costs to help you increase profitability.

We identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency, by automating manual processes, using advanced technologies and optimizing workflows.

By implementing key performance indicators, we measure your profitability and track progress.

Manage risks

A supply chain audit helps to identify and manage risks, which can reduce the impact of disruptions on operations.

According to a KPMG study, companies that implemented risk management measures based on the results of an audit saw a 30% to 50% reduction in the number of major disruptions.

That’s where our risk management experience comes in, to help you identify and mitigate risks in your supply chain.

We assess your suppliers and partners, develop business continuity plans, manage regulatory compliance risks and implement appropriate security measures.

With monitoring and early warning systems, we help you detect red flags before they become major disruptions.


According to a Gartner survey, companies that have improved their supply chain operations through an audit have seen a 10% to 30% increase in operational efficiency.

Working with you, we analyze your existing operational processes and propose concrete improvements to boost efficiency.

We reorganize your workflows, improve coordination between the different players in your supply chain, integrate cutting-edge technologies and help you adopt industry best practices.

We also provide training for your staff and support you throughout the transformation process.


Integrating a logistics and supply chain audit has many advantages for your company.

Based on our logistics and supply chain expertise, we can help you reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, increase profitability, manage risk and optimize operational efficiency.

We analyze your processes, identify opportunities for improvement and propose tailor-made solutions. Through ongoing monitoring and evaluation, we help you measure progress and make any necessary adjustments.

We also provide training for your staff and support you throughout the transformation process.

Working with us, you can optimize your supply chain, boost your competitiveness and achieve your strategic objectives.


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Contact us
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1092 Belmont-sur-Lausanne
[email protected]
+41 (0)21 711 18 71


Contact us
Route des Monts-de-Lavaux 1
1092 Belmont-sur-Lausanne
[email protected]
+41 (0)21 711 18 71