Supply Chain Talent Placement: a key to performance

Let’s face it, the recruitment process is a tough job! Writing and publishing the offer, receiving and analyzing the applications, interacting with the candidates, checking references, planning and conducting interviews, not to mention the debriefing sessions with the Managers… And what to do when the applications received are not sufficient, or not relevant enough?

In this context, and to better support its clients, SuCh Consulting has developed the Supply Chain Talent Placement service.

Logistics Manager, Operations Director, Supply Chain Project Manager, Planner… The Supply Chain jobs are multiple, in constant evolution but also and especially in strong tension.

Resource shortage, lack of attractiveness, increasing development of activities are among the causes of this pressure.

To overcome this, SuCh Consulting has developed a process and a synergy between HR and Supply Chain expertise in order to assist its clients in their quest for talent:

“As a specialized consulting firm, we help our customers to reinforce their Supply Chain teams on a temporary basis. Whether it is to compensate for a temporary increase in workload, to replace an employee who is on sick leave or maternity leave, or to have an additional resource without having to hire a new employee on a permanent basis. Our expertise in the Supply Chain allows us to identify the most relevant resources according to their needs, with the conviction that the performance of the Supply Chain depends on people.”

Caroline Pagnier, partner at SuCh Consulting

Combining competence and value

 The right vision, the right tools and above all the right resources are undeniably the major levers for improving Supply Chain performance.

Thus, beyond the idea of “placing” a resource within an organization, for SuCh Consulting the idea is above all to create a match: between a talent and a company, between expertise and needs, between know-how, interpersonal skills and common values.

“In a VUCA world, where uncertainty and agility prevail, companies must succeed in meeting this complex paradox between development and prudence. One of the levers to help them achieve this balance is the use of talent placement. The principle is simple: for a specific period of time, and on the basis of clearly defined criteria, we make one of our consultants available to our client. Our job is to perfectly understand the business challenges of our clients in order to place the talent that corresponds perfectly to their needs, both in terms of responsibilities and values. We also ensure, through constant support and business coaching, the perfect match between the expertise of the talent placed and the need expressed by our client.”

Caroline Pagnier, partner at SuCh Consulting

Client, Talent, same battle

Depending on the skills and experience required, the duration of the mission and the availability of its teams, SuCh Consulting places one of its consultants or activates its network to find the profile that perfectly matches the client’s needs.

The goal is to accompany the client with the utmost transparency:

“From our first exchanges with SuCh Consulting, I was clearly able to expose our need and received the necessary listening to understand our environment and our issues. I immediately trusted their ability to effectively translate our needs. After submitting a few applications and conducting pre-selection interviews, we met two interesting profiles. A discussion session with SuCh Consulting finally allowed us to find the perfect match. Not only does the consultant from SuCh Consulting allow us to move forward in a serene and structured way on our Supply Chain projects, but he also brings us a very beneficial perspective in our organization. We even extended his mandate!”

Director of Operations in a Swiss SME with a hundred employees.

And on the Talent side, the conclusion is unequivocal, as explained by a Supply Chain professional placed on a Data Intelligence mission within the Supply Chain department of a multinational company:

“SuCh Consulting found the right way to guide and support me throughout my mission. They are not simple consultants who disappear once the mission is validated, they accompany me with attention, availability and dynamism.”