Together with Camptocamp and other partners, we have developed the complete Odoo WMS and SCM modules (Warehouse Management System & Supply Chain Management) for the Odoo cloud based ERP.

The suite, named “Moove”, has been made available in the OCA under an open source license and includes several fundamental enhancements and extensions to Odoo’s logistics functionality.

The new WMS & SCM suite offers substantial improvements for your warehouse operations, throughout the process chain, from procurement and purchasing, through receiving, put-away, order taking, replenishment and picking, to consolidation and delivery. The Moove application suite is fully integrated with Odoo and its entire ecosystem. It allows you to address a variety of challenges that are not easily addressed in Odoo Standard.

This complete suite, which was made available free of charge, includes a number of fundamental improvements and extensions of Odoo’s functionalities in the area of logistics.

Key Features

1. Support several Storage Type (fixed, chaotic, ABC, …)

2. Stock Allocation (with virtual reservation)

3. Dynamic Routing of flows

4. DDMRP Engine

5. Barcode Scanner Support

6. Support several picking strategies (Zone picking, Discrete picking, Cluster picking …)

If you are looking for a modern, performant, ergonomic, mobile based, flexible, cloud based ERP, with a powerful WMS, Odoo from Camptocamp is an amazing solution !

More information about Odoo WMS and SCM modules? Click HERE !

WMS and SCM module for Odoo
WMS and SCM module for Odoo

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